Thursday, August 31, 2006

Aussie Trades Choppy With Yen Late New York Thursday

8/31/2006 11:27:58 PM Despite positive Australian economic releases, AUD/JPY traded uncertain during late Thursday in New York. According to an Australian Bureau of Statistics release on New York Thursday, the Australia AiG PMI rose 2.4 points in August to 52.1 from 49.7 for the previous month. Also, Australian current account deficit in the second quarter, seasonally adjusted, fell 3% from prior quarter to AS$ 13.24 billion, when the market expected a deficit of AS$ 13.80 billion.

The Australian dollar bounced around between 89.36 and 89.56 against the Japanese currency early Thursday New York dealings. During mid-day trading, the pair ticked up by a few points but started a choppy trend soon after. Amid release of Australian data, AUD/JPY continued its uncertain trading. As of 11:25 pm Eastern Time, Thursday, an AUD collected 89.62 Japanese Yen. Japan's August month vehicle sales report is due out shortly.


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